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ACFE South Florida Chapter #11

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Fraud is clearly an issue that has a direct impact on a macroeconomic scale as well as a personal level. According to research conducted by the ACFE from the collective observations of more than 2,500 fraud case, as reported in the 2020 Report to the Nations, organizations in 125 countries experienced losses of more than $3.6 Billion, averaging approximately $1,509,000 per case, despite increased emphasis on anti-fraud controls and recent legislation to combat fraud.

About Our Chapter

The South Florida Chapter supports the international mission of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners through its educational programs and seminars, which promote an enhanced awareness of fraud prevention, detection and investigation techniques among its membership and throughout the business and law enforcement communities. At the same time, program attendees are provided an opportunity to earn their annual continuing education credits and network with a diverse group of professionals in related fields. The benefits of Chapter membership include:

• Discounts on Chapter seminars and other events;

• The opportunity to earn CPE credits at member rates;

• Excellent professional networking opportunities.

The ACFE Mission

The mission of the ACFE is to reduce incidence of fraud and white-collar crime and to assist the Membership in fraud detection and deterrence.  To accomplish our mission, the ACFE:

  • Provides bona fide qualifications for CFEs through the CFE Examination
  • Sets high standards for admission, including demonstrated competence through mandatory CPE.
  • Requires CFEs to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct and ethics.
  • Serves as the international representative for CFEs to business, government and academic institutions.
  • Provides leadership to inspire public confidence in the integrity, objectivity and professionalism of CFEs.

What is a CFE?

A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is a fraud prevention and detection professional with proven expertise in the four major areas of fraud and who is trained to identify the warning signs and red flags that indicate evidence of fraud and fraud risk.

CFE's provide the guidance, tools, and know how to help organizations structure and implement fraud prevention programs to effectively manage the risk of fraud as well as conducting investigations of allegations of fraud.  

CFE's carry out their profession in a variety of sectors and positions:

Government Sectors
Federal Bureau of Investigations, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Government Accountability Office, and other law enforcement organizations.

Internal security and audit departments.


Forensic accounting firms, public accounting firms, specialized fraud firms, and security and investigative firms.


To become a CFE, one must:

Pass a rigorous examination administered by the ACFE
Meet specific education and professional requirements
Exemplify the highest moral and ethical standards
Agree to abide by the CFE Code of Professional Ethics

ACFE South Florida Chapter #11
1172 South Dixie Highway #365 
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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